Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy
MORNOS’ organization is especially sensitive to environmental protection issues and focuses on the continuous personnel training on these matters.

Our guiding principle is < we treat the environment in such a way, so as on the one hand to satisfy our current needs and on the other hand to take into account the next generations’ ones>.
Our company is certified according to ISO 14001: 2004.

The products’ design and development takes into account the minimum environmental impact during its production stages, their use and final release into the environment.
The following are additionally considered:
  • The use, during production, of the highest possible recycled material’s percentage.
  • The optimized weight / product unit ratio in correlation with the relevant technical specifications.
  • The resulting waste during production is treated according to the Good Manufacturing practices.

An regenerated Thermal Oxidizer is installed in our premises for VOC’s, contained in the drying air of the printing machines, treatment. The VOC’s emissions are within the limits set by the relevant European Legislation (1999/13/EC).
The use of biodegradable / compostable raw materials for the packaging materials’ production is under consideration.

MORNOS SA is the first Greek company which produces packaging materials that has been certified for the use of recycled certified material, in accordance the RecyClass «Recycled Plastics Traceability Certification» audit scheme. RecyClass is an internationally recognized scheme that certifies the use of certified recycled plastic material in packaging materials.
It focuses on the harmonized approach to the use of recycled materials by inspecting and ensuring traceability at all stages of the chain.