Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility
Mornos-Management team’s top priority is the continuous care for a corporate culture based on the following pillars:
  • Environmental responsibility
    • ISO 14001 certification
    • Compliance with VOC’s emission limits (according to the relevant European Legislation 1999/13/EC)
    • Waste management by our certified partners
  • Health and safety in workplace
  • Providing of personal protective equipment
  • Monitoring of the personnel's medical history by the occupational doctor
  • Financial support for the personnel's healthcare
  • Strict compliance with the Greek Labor Legislation
  • Respect for Human Rights
    • Absence of racial discrimination
    • Absence of forced labor
    • Zero tolerance to our personnel's harassment
    • Prizes for the excellent students
  • Suppliers’ and partners’ relationships characterized by Moral integrity
    • Zero tolerance to corruption
    • Full transparency in the relationships with our business environment

The assessment of our performance on the above mentioned pillars is referred on SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and EcoVadis platforms.